Theme Pink

It started with the bathroom around the corner from "Endor Vendors" at the Disney MGM Studios Theme Park back in the early 90's. There above the toilet seat cover dispenser was a big upside-down pink triangle ­a whole row of them. Now, as you may know, upside-down pink triangles are a popular symbol of gay pride, a little sign saying "gay spoken here."
Originally used by the Nazis to label gay prisoners during WWII, it was later reclaimed as a gay pride symbol in the 1970's. (The poor lesbians were labeled with an inverted black triangle which just doesn't catch your eye in the same way.)

So I thought, that seems a little odd, all these upside-down pink triangles here in the men's room. I guess the interior designer thought it would be a little inside joke. I mean, one could just as easily made the yellow triangles upside-down and reversed it, removing any subversive reference. But then I saw it again and again, pink triangles that didn't seem to be there by chance.

I had to get these on film. It became a scavenger hunt at every Disney theme park. Now please remain seated as we begin our triangle travelogue.

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