JustinSpace.com Star Wars: Designer Edition

Jay Mays and Freeman Thomas led the design team responsible for the New Beetle VW here on Earth and couldn't wait to launch their own aesthetic attack on the Imperial At -ATs.

"It's not everyday we get to design something for a client like Darth Vader" remarked Jay, "I guess the beetle has come full circle now. The design team found it ironic to be designing a VW for the dark overlord considering the beetle has it's design roots with another dark overlord , Adolf Hitler. "The very concept of the VW Bug was Hitter's idea," said Jay, "It's true, In 1934, Hitler started a state directed car project with Fedinand Porche and that led to the Beetle we all know and love."

"The new Beetle AT-AT may be a walking killing machine," Freeman added, "but we included soft touches like the control panel flower bud vase"


The new Imperial VW Beetle AT-AT