"The Witch's Catalog"










When I was smaller, a favorite book was "The Witch's Catalog," a fictitious resource of bats, brooms, cauldrons, and anything else a witch (or child) could desire. Pet dragons! Shrinking powder! ­ and the fun to be had with an invisible shield! I've searched for this book for years - no luck.

Then, during a visit to Fargo, North Dakota in the spring of 2000, I found "The Witch's Catalog" at "Highway Treasures and Trash" in a pile of discarded witch, ghost and Halloween books. Apparently, the local Washington Elementary School had recently exorcised their library of any book containing mildly occultish matter. Because, you know, one day you're reading "Georgie the Ghost" and the next you're covered in blood, dancing around a goat head under a full moon.

Yet I worshiped every page of "The Witch's Catalog" and the closest I've come to practicing witchcraft is putting my "Best of Stevie Nicks" CD on random repeat and twirling around the living room. I think we're safe to proceed.

Enjoy these highlights from:

Norman Bridwell's 1976, "The Witch's Catalog."